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Activities- Teen Action Camp: Volume 1

On Tuesday and Wednesday, campers split into their color teams for activity rotations. Longtime campers recognize some familiar activities, while still getting to do new things. Over the past two days, I’ve been able to visit different activity sites to check in and hang out with the color teams there.

Tuesday morning, I hung out at the bottom of the 400’ Mountain Waterslide. The Pink Team lined up at the top, ready to go. One at a time, campers zoomed down the waterslide before landing in the pool at the bottom. From where I stood, I could see everyone’s faces as they took the last turn before the final splash. After they climbed out and wrung the excess water from their swimsuits, they would give me a report: “I didn’t remember it being that fast last year!” or “That was awesome!!” Some put their shoes on to hike back to the top and go again while others stayed at the bottom to watch, saying “I had to go at least once.”

I caught up with the Green Team as they finished up in the craft room. They showed me their leather bracelets, stamped with suns, butterflies, or Bible verse references. After stamping and staining the bracelets, they usually wear them around for the rest of camp. They also tie-dyed Long View Ranch t-shirts. Some went for simple designs, using only one color. Others are reminiscent of Joseph’s coat of many colors, displaying every dye color we have. When they finished their crafts and cleaned up, they followed Jonathan into the woodshop for their next activity.

When I visited the Red Team, they were doing Air Rifles. The people shooting sat on stools, focused on the target, and took a deep breath before pulling the trigger. Everyone else waited in three lines behind the people shooting, encouraging their friends: “aim a little more to the right this time” or “that was great for your first time”. After finishing up at Air Rifles, they moved over for the Tomahawk Toss.

Walking back up to the office, I saw white helmets bobbing up and down. The Blue Team was doing trail rides with Harlie and Tessa. They rode around the main parts of camp and through scenic parts of the woods. As half of the team did trail rides around, the other half did team-building activities with the horses at the barn.

After full days of activities, campers also enjoy free time before dinner. They can play games, read, or talk to their friends. Lots of girls use the time to make friendship bracelets for their counselors or other campers.

Days at Long View Ranch are full and fun. We love seeing campers make new friends and step out of their comfort zones, enjoying God’s creation and loving others while learning more about how much God loves them, too.

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