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Strategic Rain- Junior Action Camp: Volume 3

At Long View Ranch, we pray for strategic rain. We know the earth needs it, but we don’t want to miss out on any of our fun activities. Last night, rain fell from the sky as we stayed in the Dining Hall, splitting into our color teams to make up chants and design flags.

Junior Action Camp kicked off yesterday, bringing in a younger crowd of campers than we’ve had the past two weeks. After meeting their counselors and smoothing favorite-color sleeping bags on their bunks, they spent time with their cabins. They played Gaga ball, basketball, or checkers on the Dining Hall porch as they got to know their new friends for the week.

When the dinner bell rang, everyone moved into the dining hall, ready to eat the classic first night meal: taco salad. Around the dinner table, campers laughed and wondered about all of the fun things they would get to do this week. While we were eating, it started to rain outside. As the rain poured down, we had our Team Time. Campers were excited to get the bandanas they will wear all week as they represent and cheer on their color teams. The Lava Monsters, Blue Bandits, Green Eggs and Ham, and Pink Panthers came up with exciting chants and hand motions to go along with them before painting their flags.

When the rain calmed down, we moved to the pavilion for a few rounds of icebreaker games before worship. Zack Owens led worship, strumming on the guitar while we sang Let Us Come Together and River of Life. After singing, he taught a Bible lesson from Joseph’s story in Genesis.

This morning after eating pancakes for breakfast and having a morning devotion, we kicked off our activities. Some members of the blue team rode a horse for the first time. The pink team took turns going down the super fast Mountain Waterslide before hopping into the Swim Hole. The green team tie-dyed shirts in the craft room before heading to the wood shop. The red team got to do the low ropes course and learn how to shoot air rifles!

All of the kids are enjoying their time making friends and learning new things. And we’re thankful for the warm sun shining over Long View Ranch today!

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