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Staff Training Day 3

Our third day of staff training, we learned how to set up and run more camp activities. We went to the archery range where Nick, the Summer Camp Director, taught us how to string a bow, properly shoot an arrow, and the rules to teach campers so they stay safe while doing archery. Some of the staff already knew what to do, but a few had never held a bow before. They caught on quickly and after a few tries were able to get close to a bullseye.

In the horse barn, Harlie introduced us to one of her horses and talked to us about barn safety. We walked from the barn to the woodshop and crowded around for Jonathan to teach us about the projects campers will create. He walked us through step by step, first explaining what to do and then showing us each step as the saws whirred. He gave us tips for the best ways to keep campers safe while teaching them new woodshop skills.

After lunch, everyone changed into swimsuits and walked to the 400’ Mountain Waterslide. The slide winds down the slope and you can’t see all the way to the bottom from the line at the top. Emmy, one of our Counselors, said that she was scared at first, but when she made it to the bottom, she “wanted to do it over and over”. She did it three times. Unlike a roller coaster where you wait in line for a long time to go on a short ride, she said the Mountain Waterslide was worth the walk to the top of the line.

We had dinner on the back porch of Roan Home. Sheila, Matthew’s wife, made delicious chicken fajitas and her specialty dessert: peanut butter pie. We enjoyed the food and conversation while looking out at the mountain landscape. Matthew talked to us about the importance of “home” as a place for evangelism and discipleship.

The deeper we get into staff training, the more eager we get for campers to arrive! We are thankful to have this time to prepare but can’t wait to meet the kids that will come through the gate of Long View Ranch this summer.

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1 Comment

Heather Sansbury
Heather Sansbury
Jun 24, 2021

I love it! So great to get a sneak peek into your week as you prepare for campers! Thanks for sharing!

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