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Staff Training Day 1

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Yesterday, our Summer Staff arrived to start training for camp. After everyone settled into Black Bear Lodge, we gathered in the dining hall for our first meeting.

We circled up in the folding chairs and played icebreaker games to learn everyone's names and go-to Chick-Fil-A orders. Some of our staff knew each other already and some are new, but everyone was quick to learn names and laugh during the games.

We closed off our time in the dining hall with worship. Sara Douglas, Abby, and Bryce led us with a few songs and Matthew, Long View Ranch's Executive Director, taught a short lesson from Genesis on the Bible story we will be using this summer.

We spent the next hours walking around camp to pray for the summer ahead. We visited places like the pavilion, paintball area, and campfire. At each site, a staff member talked about the activities that happen there, stories from past summers, and specific prayer requests. Two or three staff members prayed specifically for each area and the activities. While we walked from site to site, we were challenged to find somebody new to talk to. Because our staff is a small group, I was able to talk to almost every female staff member and hear about what brought them to Long View Ranch this summer.

Camp staff need to be flexible and have a good attitude when plans change. Matthew and Nick, our Summer Camp Director, expressed this during our meeting and we got to put it into action last night. Our schedule was rearranged because of an incoming storm and our staff adjusted with smiles on their faces.

After roasting smores at the campfire, we headed to the game field, racing against the gray storm clouds coming our way. We split into two teams to play Angle Ball, and everyone participated (even the less athletically inclined like me!). Some of our staff displayed their athleticism and some showed off their willingness to try something new, two big parts of camp. We played as long as we could while the rain poured down on us, making us slip and slide all over the field.

Spending time in God’s Word, forming friendships and trying new things gave us a glimpse of the summer ahead. We’re looking forward to a great week of staff training as we prepare for campers to come and the fun we will have this summer!

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1 Comment

Paul Nasekos
Paul Nasekos
Jun 22, 2021

Well written, Stephanie!

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