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Rodeo Night- Teen Action Camp: Volume 1

Last night, campers headed to the barn donning flannel shirts, overalls, and cowboy boots. Country music played through the speakers as Circle C Cowboy Church led campers through rodeo style games: piggyback races, lassoing competitions, and a cowhide race. Campers stood under the awning to watch the games and cheer on their color teams, yelling their team chants or encouraging their friends by name.

There was tough competition; lots of the games had close calls. When the announcer awarded the Green Team with first place, they erupted into cheers, jumping up and down to celebrate.

After the rodeo, everyone headed to the pavilion for line dancing. Christa, a dancer from Greeneville stood on stage and taught simple line dancing moves. When everyone caught on to the grapevine, diagonals, and step-ball-change, Christa started the music. Country music played through the speakers as she called out moves through a microphone. Some of the campers and counselors had never line danced before but caught on quickly. Others already knew the moves confidently and added in extra claps, spins and stomps.

An hour of dancing after an hour of rodeo games left campers ready to cool down; ice cream sundaes did the trick. After everyone finished their ice cream, they settled into their seats for worship and another message from Step. He focused on Genesis 37 and Genesis 39, and talked about the importance of reading the Bible corporately. These passages have a command, a warning, and a promise. Even when Joseph was in the pit and in prison, the Lord was with Joseph and showed Him steadfast love.

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