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Lake Day- Teen Action Camp: Volume 1

Thursday morning we loaded up the yellow school buses and sang all the way to the lake. When we got there, the sun was shining and it was the perfect “warm enough to swim but not too hot” temperature. The smell of sunscreen filled the air as everyone lathered up to get ready for the day. When we announced the day’s activities: tubing and water skiing, campers swarmed around the clipboard in groups of three to sign up.

Campers rotated through getting on the boats for the water sports. At first, everyone wanted to go tubing but when they realized that the boat captain would teach them everything they needed to know to try water skiing, lots of them decided to try something new. While the two speed boats took small groups out on the water, Matthew drove a bigger boat.

Matthew was able to take entire cabins out on his boat for an adventure. They put on lifejackets and rode off to cliff jump or go tubing. The counselors who took their cabins out with Matthew told me how much they enjoyed getting to do that with all of their campers.

Those who wanted a break from the water activities played corn hole, frisbee, or gaga ball in the grassy area on the shore. Some campers went fishing and some sat in blue folding chairs talking to their friends or reading.

After a fun day at the lake, we came back to camp for dinner and field games. We finished the night off with Step Morgan talking about three things God’s people are to do together: worship, bear one another’s burdens, and encourage each other to continually trust God.

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