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Jumping into Day Camp

Day Camp brings a younger crowd of campers to Long View Ranch. This morning, when parents signed in their kids, lots of the younger ones clung to their parents’ hips, hesitant to let them leave. By pickup this afternoon, the same campers hugged their counselors, shouting “see you tomorrow!” with smiles on their faces.

We started the day in the pavilion with silly camp songs: Boom Chicka Boom and Fruits of the Spirit. After camp songs, Matthew, Harrison, and Noah jumped on stage wearing workout clothes and holding a jumbo jar of peanut butter to do a funny skit about the versatility of peanut butter. Campers quickly learned the hand motions for the songs and laughed along with the silly skit.

After Morning Gathering in the pavilion, everyone split into their color teams for activities. The Red Team started the morning at horses. Lots of them had never ridden a horse before, but after listening attentively to the barn staff they were able to put on helmets and ride. Their counselors were impressed by their behavior and eagerness to try something new.

After activities, we gathered in the Dining Hall for lunch. Nick went over Dining Hall protocol and campers lined up for a squirt of hand sanitizer and a plate full of chicken sandwiches, chips, grapes, vegetables and LVR cookies. The campers spent lunch talking with their color teams, laughing and wondering what their next activity would be.

Free time and another activity rotation filled the afternoon hours. Campers went swimming, learned how to make a campfire, and made their own leather bracelets in the Craft Room. A rainstorm blew in as our second activities ended, perfectly timed for us to start our Afternoon Gathering inside.

During our Gathering time, Bryce and Sara Douglas led worship while Noah, Kinzi, and Steph taught the hand motions for the songs. David, one of our Counselors, taught the first part of Joseph’s story from the Bible. The kids laughed as Harrison and Tyler threw David in the trash can, showing how Joseph’s brothers hated him, but settled down to hear more of the story afterward.

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