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Our standard Long View Ranch retreat includes the following services and items: lodging, meals, use of a group meeting space, with our basic AV package (large TV, sound system, & one microphone), use of the outdoor gymnasium, sports playing fields, swimming hole, volleyball, 9-Square, and game room! Our retreat coordinator will match your group with the housing facilities that best fit your group's size and needs. Additional activities and Upgrades are available a la carte (see below).


Base Rates

Retreat pricing (per person) depends on the size of your group and number of nights/meals in which you are staying.

1 Night/3 Meals


2 Nights/5 Meals


3 Nights/8 Meals


4 Nights/11 Meals


5 Nights/14 Meals


6 Nights/17 Meals


Activity Fees

Below is the pricing and basic information for all of the additional activities we offer to retreat guest groups. Connect with your retreat coordinator for more information on each. These costs would be in addition to the base rates above:


Price per person

Paint Ball


Trail Rides


River Canoeing 




Team Building


Air Rifles 




Equine Team Building


Mountain Water Slide 




Pond Fishing 




Nerf Gun Battle


Frisbee Golf 


Camp Fire 


Hay Ride


Barn Dancing 


Skeet Shooting

*Call for pricing

Additional Upgrades

If you are interested in upgrades beyond what is already included (additional meals, more meeting spaces, AV equipment, tables, campfires, separate accommodations for your speaker, or hot beverage service) please contact us for pricing and availability.



Whether you are a church, business, school or other organization, we are here to support you. We build individualized retreats to create the experience you are looking for. Completely customizable, an experience at Long View Ranch will not be forgotten. 

Take a look at our Facilities, Activities, and Pricing below.


There are all kinds of Long View hosted retreats and events throughout the year. Click the button below to see our upcoming list of retreats & events. 


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Long View Ranch is a very special place. We have loved serving and hosting thousands of people over the years and will continuing being great in that commitment. But there is more to accomplish!