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Your contribution makes a huge difference in our work here at Longview. When you give, you are making a huge impact. We have loved hosting summer camps, groups and thousands of people throughout the years, but there is more to accomplish! 


With donor support we have plans to make a difference in our local community and beyond. It's our desire to keep registration fees as low as possible and offer amazing facilities and programs to as many as possible. This happens through gifts from friends like you. Thank you for becoming part of this great mission.


Let's make a difference together!

W2 Tuesday Girls Group Archery - 16 of 9

Summer Camp

Longview was founded on this idea - every child should get to hear and learn about Jesus on their level. This is why we pour so much of our resources, time and effort into making Longview Summer Camp a week that has the power to transform. When you support our Scholarship Fund,  you are giving a child a week of adventure and faith. Your gift will impact eternity, thank you for your support!

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Support the Ministry

We strive to be a place for people to reconnect, refresh and have fun together. This goal takes a lot of work! Our Longview Fund is used for just that - to support the ministry by growing our reach, repairing our facilities, upgrading and general maintenance around the Ranch. 


Longview wants to be a place known for its kindness and warm community. If you would like to volunteer or join us in that mission please become a participant today. Thank you for reaching out.

Where are you interested in volunteering?

Thanks for your support! We will reach out within 48 hours to discuss how you can get involved.

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