Come discover nature with your group. Enjoy unplugged and engaged learning with our horses, wildlife, forests, ponds, and more.

Basic Horse Care: $6

This class is designed to teach children basic fundamentals of horsemanship, the basic design of horses, and our role in taking care of them. Includes a short ride around the ring. About 2 hours long. $6 per student. Minimum of 25 students. Great for K through 2nd grade.


Trail Rides: $15

Enjoy a leasurly stroll through our 130 acres on one of our friendly horses. 45 minutes. $15 per student. Minimum of 10 riders. Groups larger than 15 will be split into multiple rides. Minimum of 4th grade and up.

Outdoor Basics: $10

Gear up for camping! Let us take your group and get lost in the woods as we learn basic compass skills to get to points A,B and C. Along the way we will learn about basic outdoor skills like a safe camp site and camping gear, safe drinking water, and safe fire starting. About 2.5 hours. $10 per student. Great for 4th grade and up.


Fire Starting and Safety: $10

Hone your fire skills as we practice several ways to start a fire with material from the forest and what you take with you. 2.5 hours. $10 per student. Great for 4th grade and up. 


Shelter Building: $10

Lets learn what is needed in a shelter in both a recreational and emergency point of view. We will learn how to build a shelter with resources found in the forest, and learn a few different shelter types. 2.5 hours. $10 per student. Great for 4th grade and up.


Forest Floor Explore: $5

Forest Floor Explore is designed to help children develop their skills of observation to explore an area of the forest that is often ignored. We will learn about producers, consumers, and decomposers. You will be surprised what we find. 1.5 hours. $5 per student. Great for all grades.


Tree ID: $5

Students will learn about the different features used to identify the beautiful trees we have here in East Tennessee. We will work together to identify up to 20 local trees! 1.5 hours. $5 per student. Great for 4rd grade and up.

Walk Like an Animal: $5

We will explore a few places in the forest to try and find real animal tracks and learn to figure out what critter left them behind. 1.5 hours. $5 per student. Great for grades K through 4th.


Reptiles and Amphibians: $5

Join us as we take a close look at lizards and skinks, a box turtle's box, and figure out the difference between a toad and a frog. 1.5 hours. $5 per student. Great for grades K through 4th.


Pond City: $5

We will take a "dive" into the aquatic life found in a busy pond using special tools to help us gently examine our pond friends. 1.5 hours. $5 per student. Great for grades K through 4th.


Fossil Frenzy: $5

Lets take a look back into the past as we get some hands-on time with over a dozen real fossils and learn to make our own. 1.5 hours. $5 per student. Great for grades K through 4th.

Rockets: $15

In this class, students will build solid fuel rockets that soar into the air hundreds of feet. We will measure the angle and calculate the estimated altitude of each rocket. 1.5 hours. *This class is charged at $15 per rocket, students can pair up to build a rocket together. Great for grades 5th and up.

Extra Offerings

-Rental of dining/meeting hall is $100 for 8 hours for day-groups. Included for overnight groups.

-Sound System is $20 per day, within reasonable use.

-Over-head projector is $20 per day, within reasonable use.


Free Activities:

Dining/Meeting hall use, Hiking Trails, Covered Basketball Court with Lights, Grass Valleyball Court, Tether Ball Poles, Frisbee Golf, Ga-Ga Ball Pit, Large Game Fields, Soccer Field, Campfires, lots more, 9-Square,

Board Game Closet, Amazing Views of the Smoky Mountains: LVR offers these fun activities at no extra cost to our overnight groups.


-We ask for a minimum of 25 people for lodging and meals.

-Besides the non-facilitated free activities listed above for overnight guests, our activities will not be available on Sundays until after 1pm.

-There is a minimum charge of $200 per day trip. Some of the activities and classes have their own minimums.

190 Bledsoe Hollow Ln.

Mosheim, TN 37818


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Office Hours

Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

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