Long View Ranch offers exciting customizable Outdoor Education field trips for school groups and home-school families. We want to create an environment where learning is hands-on, easy to understand, encouraging, and fun! Students will use all of their senses to learn about their surroundings and discover what is unique about Winged Elm trees, Barn Owls, Fossils and more.


We currently have over twenty different classes and activities split into two main sections, Discover Nature Classes and Discover Adventure Activities. Most of the classes and activities are 1 to 1.5 hours in length and can be mixed and matched as you like! A typical day trip is 9am to 1pm and ranges from $6-$15 per student.

Discover Nature Classes

Horse Education

Wildlife Classes

Forest Classes

Outdoor Skills


lots more!


Discover Adventure Activities


Team Challenge Games

Horseback Trail Rides

100ft. Slip-n- Slide

Air Rifles

lots more!


Field Trip Pricing

We want to give you the most "bang for your educational buck" while keeping the pricing very simple and very affordable. The majority of our classes and activities are $5 - $10 per person.

An average day trip is $15 per student. Lodging and meals are available for groups that want to spend more than one day at Long View Ranch, or just simply want to enjoy a lovely catered lunch.

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